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Hidden Flowers Project

 “If it is hidden, it is the flower."

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Weaving Our Hearts


"Weaving Our Hearts" is a heartwarming documentary that delves into the lives of a captivating group of older women. United by their passion for weaving and knitting/upcycling, they embark on an extraordinary journey. As their nimble fingers weave intricate patterns and breathe new life into discarded materials, they uncover more than just artistic beauty. Through their shared experiences, these remarkable women unearth the profound impact of community and the indelible bonds forged through creative expression. Prepare to be moved by the transformative power that weaves their hearts together in this enchanting tale.


Hidden Flowers


"Hidden Flowers" immerses viewers in the captivating world of a vibrant group of older adults, exploring their interactions and creative endeavors. Delving deep into the essence of co-creation, the film poses a crucial question: why is collaborative expression so vital in the present moment? With heartfelt storytelling, "Hidden Flowers" showcases the profound impact of interconnectedness, revealing how it shapes and enriches our unique journeys through life. Prepare to be moved and inspired by this poignant exploration of the human spirit.

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Hidden Flowers: A Comprehensive Exploration of Co-Creation

 The Intergenerational Art Engagement (IAE) program is a community initiative designed to combat age-related stereotypes, promote creativity, and enhance generativity in older adults, launched during the summer of 2023 for three months.the IAE program is a valuable initiative that aims to promote lifelong learning, combat age-related stereotypes, and enhance generativity in older adults. By creating a more inclusive and supportive community, the IAE program will bring people of different ages and backgrounds together to learn, share, and create.


About The Project

This project finds inspiration in Zeami's philosophy of hidden flowers from  Fushikaden (or ‘The Flowering Spirit’). The concept of hidden flowers holds multifaceted meanings, but Zeami perceives them as something fresh and captivating. In the realm of Noh theater, the beauty of performance lies in the delicate gestures and nuanced expressions that convey profound messages. Zeami emphasizes the importance of cultivating a strong connection with the audience and gaining influence over them through careful observation and thoughtful consideration, determining the perfect timing for our actions. This approach allows us to engage our audience in a meaningful and impactful way, resonating with Zeami's wisdom in the realm of theatrical arts.


The concept of "hidden flowers" has prompted us to contemplate the significance of creativity and how it can aid in both our personal development and that of others in a meaningful way. This project aims to invite both youth and older adults to explore topics such as well-being, mentoring, human flourishing, and quality of social connection through creative means.

 By drawing inspiration from Zeami's pioneering approach to evoking universal human emotions and witnessing his artistic zenith as he aged, we have the opportunity to enrich our comprehension of art and well-being in our daily lives. Join us in this exploration as we uncover the hidden beauty that resides within ourselves and the world around us. Let us come together to delve into the transformative power of artistic expression and discover new dimensions of joy, meaning, and connection in our shared journey.


Our Work

Meet Our 2023 Canada Summer Job Interns


Tanisha Gandhi

Hi! My name is Tanisha Gandhi and I’m currently working at VACS as a multimedia writer this summer. This fall, I’ll be heading into my third year at UBC studying political science and international relations. In the future I hope to live in London, and spend all my time reading! 


SiMing Zheng

Greetings! I’m SiMing Zheng, a filmmaker for the VACS project this summer. I’m studying Forestry at UBC and I’m passionate about video production and story telling. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to document your journy and learn from your diverse experiences.


Harry Sung

Hello, my name is Harry Sung and I am the filmmaker for the documentary “Hidden Flower” and “Weaving Our Way” working under VACS! Having passion for untold stories, I am excited for this endeavor to explore the eye-opening topics these people will unravel in the documentary.

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"Why is it essential and meaningful to foster a community of practice in today's world? Why do we choose to co-create? In an era defined by hyper-digitalization, the value of human interaction has become increasingly vital. Our documentary aims to explore these fundamental questions by documenting the evolution of an emerging community— a self-assembled group of adult learners from diverse backgrounds who are united by their shared objective of collectively improving their individual practices, regardless of their nature. The documentary will uncover existing gaps and shed light on the importance of this community and its journey of co-creation. "

~ Team VACS

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Hidden Flowers
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