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Our Artists

Our artists are like Family. The artists that present at Keiko's 'Salons' are talented individuals that act as a catalyst and role models for the development and attraction of new talent. 

Below is a complete list of all the artists, along with the titles of their 'Salon' presentations in chronological order.

Many of the artists in this list are featured in the Kerrisdale Playbook, a local e-magazine created by Keiko Honda, who also acts as the current Editor-in-Chief. Links can also be found below. 

2016 Summer

No. 105    Venus Soberanes - 'An Exploration in Consciousness







Venus Soberanes is a visual artist, Expressive Arts Therapist, jeweler, experimental filmmaker, life coach, published author and shamanic dreamer. Her film and video pieces – highly inspired by her dreams and her family history – have screened in a number of international film festivals; her photography and visual art works have shown in individual and collective exhibitions around the world, and her jewelry is sold in numerous museum gift shops, including the Frida Kahlo Museum and the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City. Her most recent endeavors include a 6 weeks online course called “Dream Caster - 6 weeks to inspired dreaming for creativity and personal evolution”, as well as a series of art-object shadow boxes inspired by her dreams.

No. 106    Jane Perrett - 'Bel Canto Singing: Why this technique is most desired by the human ear'

No. 107   Mike Schauch - 'Colours of Edziza' 

Mike Schauch, an highly accomplished investment professional, is best described as the living embodiment of the practice of leading with values. Mike puts his values and spirit of adventure into action. His latest documentary film made jointly with his wife Chantal and members of the Tahltan Nation, Colours of Edziza (2015), a finalist film in the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF), tells the extraordinary journey of a 12-day backpacking trip through the Spectrum Mountain range of south of Mt. Edziza.  Like a compass, the film points us to our “true north.”

2016 Spring 

No. 99    Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos - 'Shakuhachi Roots Pilgrimage' 

Summer 2014

No. 72         Ernesto Ponce /

No. 71         Daniel Conrad / filmmaker / “Boolmsday: Ulysses readings”

No. 70         Patrick McGuire / writer and artist / “Visual art and reading from his early creative nonfiction travel writing“

No. 69         Kagan Goh / spoken word artist / “Surviving Samsara”

2014 Spring

No 68          Timothy Sullivan / visual artist / “Art as triggers for experiences”

No. 67         Yayoi Hirano / artist /  “My journey as a Japanese female mime dance artist”

No. 66         Brock Tully / inspirational speaker / “On Kindness”

No. 65         Georgia Youngs / visual artist / “My love affairs with art”

No. 64         Olivia Fermi / environmentalist / “Then and Now: Women Respond to the Manhattan Project”

No. 63         Yukiko Onley / photographer / “Fabulous Faces”

2013 Fall

No. 62         Melissa Maan / writer and chef / “Mellie’s Munchies”

No. 61         Brian Robertson / research historian / “Song of the Saltchuck“

No. 60         Judith M. Atkinson / visual artist / “Tuscany: A Painters View”

No. 59         Synn Kune Loh / poet and artist / “Emergence – an artist journey of discovery”

No. 58         Oliver Hockenhull / filmmaker / “Neurons to Nirvana”

No. 57         Brent Ray Fraser / visual artist / “Eat, Sleep, Breathe Art with BRF“

No. 56         Radu Postole / green engineer / “Creative design: How we can influence people and the environment”

2013 Summer

No. 55         Joanne Chan / photographer / “Life in Asheville, North Carolina”

No. 54         Synn Kune Loh / poet and artist / “An unorthodox exploration of the Heart Sutra”

No. 53         Judith M. Atkinson / visual artist / “Revisited Presence”

No. 52         Gabriel Pliska / urban farmer / “Time to grown urban farming in modern living”

No. 51         Damien Gillis & Daniel Conrad / filmmaker and producer / “Film screening,Fractured Land”

No. 50         Isabella Jolley / writer / “The universe is transformation”

2013 Spring

No. 49         Michael Lutynski / ex-monk / “Ever wonder what it would be like to sell 99% of evening you own and devote your life to spiritual growth?”

No. 48         Kesseke Yeo / dancer / ” For Kesseke dance is like a medicine”

No. 47         Keston Barker / musician and a winner of the shred competition at Vancouver Guitar Show

No. 46         Synn Kune Loh / poet and artist / “Recovering keys from the Ancient mystery school of China (part 2)”

No. 45         Renee Mynott / business planner / “Ordinary people, extraordinary neighbourhoods”

No. 44         The Land of Deborah / musician / “An independent artist with a unique take on life”

No. 43         Synn Kune Loh / poet and artist / “Recovering keys from the Ancient mystery school of China (part 1)”

No. 42         Darrin McCloskey / writer / “From Conception to its Natural End: seeing it through”

No. 41         Robin Clark / forester / “The Tree of Life”

2012 Fall

No. 40         Daniel Conrad / filmmaker / Film screening night

No. 39         Todd Richery / life coach & addiction treatment specialist / “The Answer Model”

No. 38         Synn Kune Loh / poet and artist / “A Journey to Camatkara”

No. 37         Judith M. Atkinson / visual artist / “Inspiration”

No. 36        Gail Sparrow / former chief of Musqueam Band / “First Nations and beyond”

No. 35        Joy Silver / trainer of the Spirit Play / “Storytelling: How do we choose to live our lives?”

No. 34       Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos / shakuhachi artist / “A road to become a Shakuhachi artist”

No. 33       Kids Talent Show

2012 Spring

No. 32       Jeannie Corsi & Janet Oxley / musician and composer / “Just the same: 30 years of music and friendship”

No. 31       John H. Spencer / philosopher / “The most beautiful experience”

No. 30       Daniel Conrad / filmmaker / “Accident by Design”

No. 29       Linda Naiman / founder of / “Art and Power”

No. 28       Kevin Olafsson / musician / ” Koto and Shamisen performance and talk”

No. 27       Oliver Samonte / engineer / “Dr. Recycle and the Art of Recycling”

No. 26       Silvana Goldemberg / writer / “Play with words!”

No. 25       Paul Toolan / writer / “Shakespeare¹s life and times”

2011 Fall

No. 24      Laura Baird / artist / “Jonestown Carpet”

No. 23      Dylan Cramer & Ron Johnston / Alto Saxophonist, musician / “The creative process”

No. 22      Barbara Shumiatcher / writer / “Painters of Paris“

No. 21      Silvana Godemberg / writer / “WRITING AND THE CREATIVE PROCESS”

No. 20      Willy Miles-Grenzberg / guitarist / “The line between traditional and contemporary sound“

No. 19      Mike Hallatt / artist and business owner / film screening of ‘Uncle Herb’

2011 Spring

No. 18      Maya Honda-Granirer / 6 year-old entertainer / “My passion including ikebana”

No. 17      Doug McKegney / life coach / “I am a better student for being a coach”

No. 16      Megha Ratna Shakya / Tibetian artist / “How to know one’s true self?”

No. 15      Andrea Mendoza / UBC physiotherapy student / “My journey to India”

No. 14      Luke Collins / G12 musician & composer / “The birthing process of music”


No. 13      Graham Good / retired professor and artist / “Creative process”

No. 12      Misha Blinsky / physicist / “On colors, animals, mountains, and such”


No. 11      Ann Marie Fleming / filmmaker / “Animated adaptation: book to screen, screen to book”

No. 10      Michael Silverman / microbiologist / “The Machine in the ghost”

No. 9        Markus Fahrner / graphic designer, writer, artist/ “What is Book Art?”

No. 8        Ken Rice / collector / “ancient musical instruments”

2010 Fall

No. 7        Omer Abel / architect and designer / “Making”  (more video footage)

No. 6        Oliver Sarmonte / engineer / “Creative recycling”

No. 5        Joyceling Ng / pianist / “Music salon”

No. 4        Davide Merino / visual artist / “Art is like life”

No. 3        Luke Collins / grade 12 student pursuing physics and music / “Fusion“

No. 2        Ken Rice / music instruments collector / “World ancient music instrument”

No. 1        Megha Ratna Shakya / nonviolent communication trainer / “Non-violent communication workshop”

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