Creative Weaving

VACS started the grassroots programming of creative weaving with Musqueam weaver Debra Sparrow in 2015 at Kerrisdale Community. With mutual trust and respect, we planted the seeds of sharing who we are to break down a culture of ‘them and us’ that lies beneath the contemporary world we live in. Our weaving workshops adopted an intercultural approach as community members from Indigenous and a variety of non Indigenous backgrounds came together and shared aspects of their identity with one  another. In 2016, our creative weaving project found a home in Dunbar Community Centre. A local weaver Dawn Livera joined  Debra in the mentorship to further embrace our cultural diversity. Weaving Our Way (WOW) came to fruition thanks to the City of Vancouver and Richmond Art Galley. Currently WOW has become a self sustaining community through building friendships while learning and peer teaching the art of intercultural weaving. Novice weavers are welcome and will be coupled with the camaraderie of your fellow seasoned weavers.

Documentary Films: Weaving Our Way - Sharing Stories


Debra Sparrow (Mentor)

Jill Edgar (Participant)

Weaving Our Way (WOW) Exhibition Catalog (44 pages)- pdf available upon request OR

Weaving with Debra Sparrow 2015 

Creative Weaving Series 2016 

Series 1: Sharing Stories 

Series 2: Who are we?

Sustainable Weaving Series 2017-2018 

Series 3: Keep Art Alive Everywhere 

WOW Unveiling Celebration