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Beyond Music 

A New Community Music Collaboration Initiative For Musqueam Youth 

Beyond Music: Inauguration

Beyond Music is about cross-pollination, musically speaking.


Beyond Music is a new, year-long, pilot program, co-inspired and co-developed by three neighboring institutions, VACS, UBC Shine On Music, and the Musqueam Community. It is a FREE, quality, after-school music program tailored for Musqueam youth, meeting once a week at the Musqueam Community Centre. We together offer on-site violin and song-writing workshops for students in Grades 5-8, along with field trips, cultural learning activities, mentoring programs, community celebrations, and beyond.

Every journey has a story...

Ours begins with a conversation... 

An open dialogue between Shine On Music's John Yan and VACS Director, Dr. Keiko Honda, where passions bubbled and the idea of a community collaboration music program was born. 

This concept blossomed into an idea, which then bloomed into Beyond Music, a new-pilot program designed to allow cross-pollination between the neighbouring institutions, VACS, UBC Shine On Music, and the Musqueam Community. 

A true community bred-initiative, Beyond Music stemmed from a 'skill sharing' environment. Everyone was eager to bring their passions and talents to the table to get Beyond Music off the ground.

Our Idea is Simple...

We all have a gift to share.

Our Dream is One...

Creating a new community

narrative through music for

the sake of our future


Co-Create, Resonate, Celebrate

Our Community Partners

Violin Mentors: UBC Shine On Music

Shine On Music Logo.png

Shine On Music is a non-profit student-run organization located at the University of British Columbia (UBC). They consist of a group of students brought together by their passion for musical improvisation and a common desire to motivate the next generation.


Shine On's goal is to promote the joys of music and provide quality music education to children in a fun environment. When the team first envisioned a music school, they believed imagination, innovation, and improvisation were important cornerstones to the success of the program. The teaching model is a combination of group and private lessons that emphasize creativity while still teaching the essential basics.


For more information, please visit: 

Meet the Teacher: Max Xie

Hello, I'm Max Xie. I have been playing the violin since I was 7 and obtained a RCM Level 10 certificate before I started university.  In the past I have played for different high school string orchestras and also youth groups. After joining ShineOn, I was able to recollect my years of experience from learning the violin to help teach the younger generation. 

Songwriting Mentor: The Land of Deborah 

Deborah is an award-winning singer-songwriter and composer who has been exploring the art of storytelling through music for many years. As well as writing her own music she writes for many film and TV projects around the world. Whether writing for film or from the heart, she believes that everyone has a story to tell and encourages people to find their own heart. 

Check out our Beyond Music Brochure and Programs for more Info! 

Beyond Music Brochure

Beyond Music Opening 

Beyond Music Opening - Program

Beyond Music Opening Ceremony

October 11, 2016

Musqueam Cultural Centre 

Series 1: Prelude

Series 2: Fugue

Series 3: Scherzo

Series 4: Finale

Beyond Music: Series 1

Fall 2016/Spring 2017 

Beyond Music:

1st Anniversary Celebration

June 2017

Beyond Music 2019 Documentary:

Tristan & Forest


July 2019

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