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SkillShare - "See One, Do One, Teach One!" 


See One, Do One, Teach One. That is our guiding principle. We build community through sharing: fostering art, fostering people, fostering life. Do you have a creative skill you want to share? Have you always wanted to learn a certain art form, but never had the opportunity? SkillShare allows you to do both. SkillShare is committed to allowing people of all ages to share their skills. We strive to foster inter-generational relationships between seniors and youth.


Mission Statement:

Education is a right, not a commodity. We are all students and teachers, and we believe that everyone has something to teach and to learn from one another. VACS SkillShare is a communal, hands-on learning experience that strives to be a starting point in the creation of an interdependent, all-inclusive, and reciprocal learning community.


The Types of Programs/Events We Offer:

We at SkillShare are looking for creative individuals who want to share their talents or skills with others. Examples from our past workshops: 

  • Upcycling Fabrics 

  • Permaculture in Action

  • Musical Voice Lab 

  • Musqueam Weaving


If you are interested in sharing your skills or talents through a workshop, please contact:


How to Get Involved:

-Tell your friends, family, neighbours, co-workers about us!

-Follow us on Facebook! 

-Tweet about us


On behalf of everyone at SkillShare, we would like to extend a warm thank-you to our community partners and sponsors! 

Series 1: Upcycling

Upcycling is a way of life. Upcycling breathes new perspectives, new ideas, new life into everything it touches.


But what is Upcycling? 

It’s the “up” in Upcycling that’s key here. What makes Upcycling different from regular Recycling is not just a prefix. When you Upcycle, there’s a certain emphasis on directionality. Recycling is static; there appears to be no other direction for an item to go. A book consisting of recycled paper is still just paper, re-formed and re-made into what it already once was. Upcycling in contrast redefines, alters, shifts. The focus becomes: what else can I do with this? The sky is the limit, or at least, your imagination is. Upcycling promotes an item’s newfound purpose.

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