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Social Artistry Through Co-Creation

Feb 24–Mar 30, 2020
12:30–2:20 p.m.

Simon Fraser University
2300 – 515 West Hastings Street


How can you bring your creativity to a cause that you believe in? Maybe through the concept of co-creation—collaborative innovation in which ideas are shared and improved together. This course is a proving ground where you can explore your own queries. Together we will bring focus, perspective, skills and fresh vision to the social arena within the liberating frame of a collaborative learning space. We will explore your own knowledge, and connect it with scholarship from fields including public health and literature, to help you build and engage with a co-creation community to undertake a project. This course heavily relies on felt experience and reflective dialogue. You’ll apply several relevant artistic methods along the way, including reflection, question exchange, storytelling, and visual thinking.

Note: This small class involves active participation and group discussion.


Keiko Honda, PhD, MPH, specialized in cancer epidemiology at Columbia University; her work focuses on theories of behaviour change and advanced intervention design. She is the founder of the Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society.

Isabelle Jolly co-owned a gallery in Mexico and participated in About Women for Women by Women, a program to lift women out of poverty by raising self-esteem. She is a director of the Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society.

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