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A Story of Becoming

Narratives Series

Who am I?


How is our identity formed and re-formed? Identity, which we craft from our own experience is a balance between who we say we are, and who we believe others think we are. Where does our self-knowledge come from? Do we have mentor(s)? Do we embrace our culture? How are they sharing and shaping our values?   


Our stories are more than the sum of our experiences. They are the frame through which we construct the stories that we tell ourselves and others about what is important. Bigger still, our narrative series, A Story of Becoming, attempts to explore how we find our stories, our identity, our brilliance.

But to fully release this potential, we need to deepen our understanding of how arts impact on our values and rethink how and why we value art.  


Art matters.

Episode 1:

Vancouver City Councillor Adriane Carr

Episode 2:

Doloris Hyrnkiw 

Episode 3:

Robin Clark

Episode 4:

David Roomy

Episode 5:

Aaron Ash

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