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How to Share Your Yard with the VACS

VACS Permaculture and Art Program creates an edible garden, grows food, and add to its aesthetic value on boulevards as well as in people’s front and back yards. As our program and volunteer base grows, we are open to working with additional garden space. If you have garden space that you do not use, the VACS may be able to cultivate it into a beautiful and abundant food garden.

If you’ve got space to share and want it to flourish as a garden, please fill out the form below with the following information:

  • Approximately how big it is (either yard you want us to use or garden space that already exists)

  • How much sun does it get?

  • What is the current state? Garden beds or grass?

  • Is there water access?

  • What would you like to see in a garden? Food? Art? Combination? Or any creative ideas of yours? 

  • Are you comfortable with volunteers visiting the garden during the day weekdays/weekends? All volunteers receive training and a criminal record check


Once we determine if the space is suitable for a garden, we will determine if we have the volunteer capacity in your area to support a new garden. Start the conversation by contacting us!

Success! Message received.

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