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Everyone has a voice.


SkillShare invites you to discover your musical voice with our Muscial Voice Lab workshop. We welcome all levels and ages. 

Led by local Dramatic Coloratura Soprano, Jane Perrett, this workshop will guide music-lovers through fun and easy techniques to master those classic arias, show-tunes and pop hits. 

Some of you may know Jane Perrett as one of the gifted performers who participates in the Kerisdale Community Centre's Opera

Zone. In this monthly concert series,

Jane's performances are emotionally uplifting. Jane's gift flourishes in the

dramatic spotlight and she is one of

the amazing artists SkillShare is proud

to partner with. 

                    our VACS calendar for upcoming dates! 

At SkillShare we believe in fostering a sense of community between local artists and eager learners. What better way to promote our cause than through the timeless art of song. 


We strive to promote intergenerational bonds between today's youth and their elders. SkillShare's Musical Voice Lab offers youth and seniors alike to sample songs within their respective decades and promote meaningful conversations as a result.  

Special Thanks to Our Venue Sponsor: 

Check out some photos from this exciting new workshop! 

Solo Acts: Stories from our Musical Voice Lab

Series 1: Mimi's Story 

Series 2: Susan's Story 

Series 3: Carol's Story 

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