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Permaculture and Art Program

Are you ready to take your garden space or creative ideas to the next level?


The fusion of Permaculture and Art has in its vision future sustainability. Permaculture is a lifestyle that connects us to nature through the sustainable acts of growing our own food and learning to build a garden. Every community, every school and every household needs a garden. The garden is not only a source for healthy foods, but the space becomes social capital, where communities can gather and build relationships with each other and nature – by sowing, planting, digging, sweating, singing, harvesting, eating together, sharing stories, and handing things to each other.


The VACS Permaculture in Action is a project that is aimed at creating a shared vision based on our community’s needs and assets, culture, history and local sustainability. Integrating Permaculture and Art is a novel idea. It does not only help in beautification of this green concept but also adds colour to the already rich and diversified Art forms. It is now common in its niche segment to promote the ethics and advantages of Permaculture through various art-works.


Kudos to the homeowners for opening up their front yard and to Permaculture practitioners and enthusiasts for reviving nature and increasing vegetation cover across the city, especially in urban centres. 

Front yards and boulvards (hellstrip) is one of the best mediums for communication. Permaculture creates resources like food while serving an artistic purpose in the home and yard. 

VACS Permaculture Demonstration Garden

Site 1: Laurie's Front yard (2016)

Site 2: Leah's Garden (2017)


Permaculture-in-Action Series 1

Permaculture-in-Action Series 2

Permaculture-in-Action Series 2

Permaculture-in-Action Series 3

Pollinator Garden on Boulevard 

Permaculture Garden on Front Yard 

Aboriginal Rock Garden on Boulevard

Urban Farm Garden on Boulevard

Come To My Yard (CTMY) Program

 This program is funded in part by the City ancouv

VACS Permaculture and Art Program creates an edible garden, grows food, and add to its aesthetic value on boulevards as well as in people’s front and back yards. As our program and volunteer base grows, we are open to working with additional garden space. If you have garden space that you do not use, the VACS may be able to cultivate it into a beautiful and abundant food garden.

Our new proposed community urban agriculture project, Come To My Yard (CTMY), will initiate a series of permaculture mini-projects in urban private and semi-private spaces, including backyards, front yards, side yards, raised beds, and boulevards. CTMY is way to form stronger, healthier communities. As Vancouver becomes more urbanized, and gardening space is harder to come by, CTMY aims to fill the gap. We will team up with homeowners who have space for a garden and can share some of that space with other community members to create a garden and grow food. In return the homeowner can get a share of the food. Excess food can be donated. 

The goals of CTMY are two-fold: 1) to create independent local food systems and beautiful green spaces through community mobilization (i.e., mentorship program, online garden matchmaking) where homeowners and potential gardeners can meet by placing free ads communicating their respective needs, 2) to create permaculture & art workshops and tours for youth and seniors, people with disabilities, and new neighbours, culminating in communal harvesting and cooking. In the process, we will cultivate and beautify small growing spaces in the city and create opportunities for all to share their skills and resources. 

If you’ve got space to share and want it to flourish as a garden, please fill out the form below with the following information:

  • Approximately how big it is (either yard you want us to use or garden space that already exists)

  • How much sun does it get?

  • What is the current state? Garden beds or grass?

  • Is there water access?

  • What would you like to see in a garden? Food? Art? Combination? Or any creative ideas of yours? 

  • Are you comfortable with volunteers visiting the garden during the day weekdays/weekends? All volunteers receive training and a criminal record check


Once we determine if the space is suitable for a garden, we will determine if we have the volunteer capacity in your area to support a new garden. Start the conversation by contacting us!

Success! Message received.

Come To My Yard 2017 Year-in-Review

Come To My Yard Workshop Series 2018

Food forest – a Japanese approach to permaculture (Interview by The Source)

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