Welcome to the Art-Science Roundtable Series!

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Our mission is to highlight the intersections between arts and sciences by creating a welcoming and vibrant cultural exchange of artists, educators, scholars, community leaders, and the public, through bringing forth presentations and hands-on activities/discussions in ways that involve and inspire all disciplines. It is also our mission to ensure that members of marginalized communities in Vancouver have access to an array of cultural opportunities for artistic and self-growth.


In contrast to being two disparate missions, these are actually the parts of a two-fold mission hinge on each other. The objective behind taking a mindfully inclusive approach is to create a more holistic community of cultural exchange that encompasses a diversity of experiences and ideas through engaging, relevant, and high-quality paths to learning and sharing.


We hope to plant seeds of curiosity where learners will never cease to question, and never cease to be satiated with what is merely on the surface; but rather for this curiosity to flourish and dig deeper to find meaning. We anticipate unexpected outcomes and hope that you will join the spirit of exploration and inquiry as we explore interdisciplinary spaces with guest artists who are also scientists, and scientists who are artists!



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Grounding and Growth

10 Feb, 2018 at 1pm - 4pm             VIEW WORKSHOP AGENDA

An Emerging New Frontier

10 March 2018 at 1pm - 4pm          VIEW WORKSHOP AGENDA

AI: Challenging the Evolution
of Humanity

14 Apr 2018 at 1pm - 4pm               VIEW WORKSHOP AGENDA

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