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The filming project began because we wanted to document the entirety of our experiences working on the weaving and placemaking projects, as well as collect through film the efforts of the staff, volunteers and residents of the community who put forth their time, passion and expertise into the Intergenerational Creativity Project. Completely made and edited collaboratively with members of the community, we released a short film that shows the highlights of our experiences in 2015 and what to expect as we head deeper into 2016 and beyond.





Year in Review 2015:

The Intergenerational Creativity Project


Sharing our Skills:

A Look Into Our Community Workshops   

SkillShare is about more than just sharing skills, it's about sharing stories. 

Part of this is sharing the stories behind our workshops. Stories about us, our participants, and the artists behind them. Similar to the 2015 Placemaking project, we want to document the entirety of our experiences, from the inception of our creative workshops, to the current blossoming of our SkillSharing efforts. 

We hope that these videos inspire you. Whether they ignite your passions, promt you to join us at the next workshop, or even just provoke new thoughts, we hope that by showcasing our stories, you can create your own. 

Musical Voice Lab 

Series 1: Mimi's Story

Series 2: Susan's Story 

Series 3: Carol's Story 


Series 1: Laurie's Garden

Series 2: Meet Our Leaders

Series 3: Harvest Time

Creative Weaving

Series 1: Why Do We Weave?

Series 2: Who are we?

Series 3: Keep Art Alive Everywhere

Upcycling Fabrics

Series 1: What is Upcycling?

Series 2: Leah's Story

Series 2: Leah's Story

Series 3: Infinity Scarves

Series 4: Rugs

Beyond Music Opening Ceremony

This is our symphony

(complete version)

Series 1: Prelude

Series 2: Fugue

Series 3: Scherzo

Series 4: Finale

Beyond Music Progress: Series 1
Beyond Music Progress: Celebrating 1st Anniversary
Creative Leadership & SkillShare Round Table Community Conversation Series 
Series 1: Activating Space for Food and Community
Series 2: Culture as 4th Pillar of Sustainably Development - part 1
Series 2: Culture as 4th Pillar of Sustainably Development - part 2
Series 3: Cross-Sector Collaboration - part 1
Westside Story: When Space Becomes Place 
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