The Arts & Earthquake Resilience  Documentary series

2019 November Premier 


How do the arts promote physical and psychological healing, including Chronic Stresses and Acute Shocks?

Rethinking Resilience and The Arts

How do artists help communities build essential social capital?

The Arts Unite: How do Artists Help Communities Build Earthquake Resilience?

If the title of this workshop caused you to pause and wonder, you are probably not alone. What is earthquake resilience, how do the arts fit in, and why should it matter to us living in Vancouver? And to probe further, how can we develop and extend our creativities to help others survive and heal in the face of a major calamity, fragile as we are ourselves?

Public Forum Series

Series 1:

Kerrisdale Community Centre

November, 17, 2019  

The Forum Method

As we recognize resilience as a relational, multi-faceted, contextual development process, our forum focuses on enhancing the ‘artistic dividend’, which citizen artists create through their engagement in reflective dialogue and collaborative art-making activity. And therefore, the benefits of the forum include incubating talent, providing networking opportunities, strengthening social relationships within and between communities, directing institutional moral support to "neighborhood cultural clusters'.  

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