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CREATE by Paul Dincer


July 5th, 2015

Paul Dincer is the owner and founder of Koko Monk Chocoaltes, Kitsilano’s newest chocolate shop located at 1849 West 1st Avenue. Paul has quickly become one of Vancouver’s leading chocolatiers and is known for his one-of-a-kind chocolate creations. His inspiration comes from his comprehensive background and education in fine art, literature and philosophy. Paul is a published author and previous film critic.

In his new path, Paul instinctively discovered an interesting analogy between words and flavors which eventually lead him to create an unexpected and very original approach to chocolate making through literary, philosophical and avant-garde art theories. In his salon, you will discover how these theories have inspired such edible marvels.

Paul considers his approach theoretically parallel with postmodern theories which allows him to elevate food from the realm of a consumable, one-dimensional product to an intellectual and artistic endeavour such as a cubist poem, an elegant Haiku, or an abstract expressionist painting.

Koko Monk Chocolates was a finalist in Vancouver’s Westside Business Awards for New Business of the Year.

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