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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this program cost money?

A: Nope! It’s 100% free

Q: What are the requirements?

A: Our program supports youth ages 15-18. Participants should also have an electronic, internet-enabled device to access courses, zoom, etc. Course-specific requirements do exist, so make sure to check on their individual pages for more information!

Q: When are applications open?

A: Applications open on July 15th, 2020

Q: When do applications close?

Applications will close in early August

Q: How do I apply?

You can apply through Eventbrite here

Q: Are there any in-person activities?

A: To ensure safety, no in-person activities are offered by our program. 

Q: Do I need to live in Canada to attend?

A: Participants can live anywhere!

What programs are available?

A: We offer three Courses

  • Journalism as Social Change

  • Design in Action

  • Placemaking Through Art. 

Journalism as Social Change is mandatory. Participants may then choose between Design in Action and Placemaking Through Art.

Q: what will a day in this program look like?

A: Instructors will post lessons, readings, and activities for their streams on Canvas. During the program, there will be seven live sessions for team building, leadership training, and communication with instructors.

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