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FLAP 101: JOurnalism as Social Change

Course Description

As local and global communities experience moments of profound change, Journalism as Social Change aims to empower the youth to connect to the critical social issues around them. Through this program, you will get an opportunity to contribute to the social discourse around whichever issue is most important to you. You will get an opportunity to hone your problem-solving skills using art and original creation as your medium.
You will be contributing to a magazine issue to be released in two weeks time. Contributors will be part of a magazine newsroom, and learn critical journalism skills while interacting with members of the Vancouver arts scene and the public alike. The course will develop interviewing, writing, and editing skills with a particular focus on original arts reporting, and becoming embedded in the social artistry movements identified by you. 

Course Schedule

Session 1:

Brainstorming ideas and learning styleguides
Session 2:

Developing ideas, first feature writing module
Session 3:

Learning the art of the interview
Session 4:

Securing interviews, second feature writing module
Session 5:

Writing, fact-checking crash course
Session 6:

Writing, copy editing crash course
Session 7:

Fact-checking and research review
Session 8:

Copy editing and styleguide review
Session 9:

Magazine layout and production
Session 10:

Distribution day

Course Goals

By the end of the course, you will have developed numerous journalism skills, including but not limited to: investigating, reporting, interviewing, feature writing, fact-checking, copy editing, and magazine design. You will have a byline and material to add to your portfolio. In doing so, you will achieve a greater connection to the local community around you, and the artistry that can be found within. 

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