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From Oliver

May 4, 2015



It was really quite lovely to meet up with you.  It's an incredibly exciting project to be involved with and I am very curious as to what you come up with!


The next session — where we will go through the gear, learn about interviewing, experience shooting an interview — and talk film and community — will be May 15, Friday, 6 to 8 pm at the community centre (where we met tonight).


When the other groups have scheduled out their work, times and places we (the film group) will need to co-ordinate as to who in our group wants to and can take on the shoots! I or Keiko will keep you updated as soon as we have firm dates/times places. 


Wishing you the best "available light"




The short film I presented to you:


An extraordinary short


Notice the relationship between the object and the interviews...

By keiko honda at 2:37pm


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