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Your incoming recap!


August 17, 2015


As you have read, the past few workshops have been pretty exciting, but honestly they were nothing compared to our most recent workshop! Why, you ask? Because we finally got our own looms!!! Let’s not forget to give a special shout-out to our handy-dandy masterminds: Robin, Patrick and Keiko for all their efforts slaving away under the midday sun (thank you)!


At last, we’re finally stepping in the right direction as everyone gathered around the pristine looms and worked intently on their brightly coloured designs. It surprising how the hours just flew by so fast that it was dark before we knew it. I couldn't have asked for such a fun and fruitful day, and now I am even more excited for our next workshop! I hope you’re all ready to be wowed by our prowess as budding weavers, because it’s sure to be off the hook!


All I can say is be sure to stay tune everyone! ☺



By Amy C at 3:57pm


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