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May 4, 2015

Good Morning Ladies and Gent,


I hope this email finds everyone well. I was very happy to have met you all last night. Here is our group's first email :)))


Three main things  we talked about last night:


1. Meet up time: Next meet up is MAY 15 @5:30pm, then JUNE 5 @ 5:30pm, then JUNE 19th @5:30pm at the Kerrisdale community center, south room.


2.Possibility of having more than one loom. Keiko is open to purchasing; Robin suggested we may be able to make the looms ourselves. 


3. Things to think about before our next meeting: the big picture/final project; some stories or pictures that are significant to us, where we came from; Incorporating nature into our design.


Look forward to seeing you all again :) and if I missed anything in the email, please let us know!




By keiko honda at 2:30pm

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