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Long Story Short Recap!

July 22, 2015

Guess what happened during our last session…! (Hint: think numbers) 


Our last workshop was a huge success! We got ourselves a new lovely addition, yet again. This is so overwhelmingly awesome—having new people pop by and really get down to participate! Thanks for coming, Nicky!


Oh, but the good news doesn’t just stop there! We’re also looking into ways of bringing our loom to do a mini pop-up session at Southland Farm in the near future. It shouldn’t be too long of a wait, seeing how dexterously we are at weaving. Feel free to drop by when that happens, it will be, as usual, open to anyone and everyone. We hope to share and learn together!


Stay tune for news of our upcoming workshops and pop-up sessions! ☺



By Amy C at 12:15pm


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