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May 22nd Film Group meeting- Chloë's notes :)

May 24, 2015

So it looks like Oliver has already posted a lot of what we talked about on Friday night, but in the interest of having as much coverage as possible, here are some points and quotes I scribbled down as we went along: 

"Every [social] movement is thousands of small acts...if you capture the moments of passion, you're creating a social movement." - Keiko, on the importance of documenting the Intergenerational Creativity Project

"It's about sustainability, and about community, and communication." - Oliver

Keiko encouraged everyone to take initiative for filming anything they saw in daily life, even outside the project, that could be related to the project in terms of passion, community and sustainability. 

We agreed that it would be most efficient to pair up for interviews, so that one person can work the camera while the other focuses on interviewing the subject. 
- Alan, having now established some relationship with the Placemaking team, might be the point-person on interviewing that group, while I might take the role of interviewer for the Weaving team (given our larger time commitment to the project through the UBC Arts Internship Program)
- All team members are welcome and encouraged to attend others' group meetings and film/interview them whenever possible
- If a film group member wants to cover a Placemaking or Weaving meeting and needs a partner, they can post on this site and solicit help 

*When someone intends to use the camera equipment, it's a good idea to check the gear out a day early so that they can play with it and familiarize themselves with the operation prior to the meeting
*Bring your own headphones/earbuds, as these are not included in the gear provided (and it's more hygienic this way!)
*There is an 'eye liner' device that we can use to help create a shot where the interviewee is looking straight at the camera/viewer. 

"The idea is the director." - Oliver

- In the interview, create a sense of discovery! It is more engaging for the interviewee if they find themselves answering questions that are new or that allow them to find new meaning in their work (and also if you as the interviewer are finding out new and significant things) 

- Whenever possible, it's a good idea to film and edit an interview in a way that reflects or responds to the subject of the interview, like in the Nowness film "On Design"

That's everything I wrote down (I left out most of the interviewing tips, to avoid repeating what Oliver already posted). Did anyone make any other notes that we haven't covered here? It'd be great to know :) 

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you next time! 

By Chloë L at 9:55am


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