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Message from Oliver

June 5, 2015



Hope everyone is enjoying the sun.  Excellent light for shooting.


I wanted to point people to this documentary — I am wanting to inspire you to move with the camera!  To follow the action, to shoot really as much as possible of the action / to document continually.  


Take a look at this tonight if you can spare the time — important history of documentary

making/shooting styles. It is a free link:


Today the cameras we have are incredibly small and nearing film quality.  Take a look at the film and note the follow actions shots.


Some one, a couple of people will be shooting tomorrow yes?


For sound the mic can be set up on the sony.  Please double check all your connections tonight and do check that you have a fresh battery for the mic. and what video has been shot previously has been downloaded — and that it is 'empty'.


Thank you for all you do.


Best Wishes



By keiko honda at 1:38pm


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