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POSTED ON July 24, 2015 

July 17th, 2015




Robert Naish might be the biggest kept secret in the Vancouver art scene or at least his latest painting could be. Metropolis (2015) is grand vision of Vancouver like it has never been seen before. With his signature style of using found objects as stencils and spraying brilliant, vibrant colours on top to create intricate designs, Naish has turned his eye to the city he loves.


 Naish is an autodidact artist whose body of work is profound in scope and his ideas as big as his canvases. He uses the discarded items of the city to comment on the biggest social movement of our time: Urbanization. Metropolis (2015) is the latest from his life’s work, The Dynamics of Urbanization, a series of 36 large paintings that chronicle the nature of how humans create the world in which they live.


 The evening will feature Metropolis (2015) along with 2 other canvases from the Dynamics series with an introduction to his art and stories by his long time friend, writer, Patrick McGuire.


Robert left Vancouver almost a decade ago so and now, with Metropolis (2015) he is bringing his vision of the city back home to kick off the Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society’s Art in the Garden event on July 19th.

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