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Update #8

September 1, 2015

For our 8th update the Placemaking team heads on over to Colleen’s place for a special event. It was held on Sunday August the 30th, and the event consisted of a crash course tutorial on wire sculpting. When we arrived at Colleen’s around 12pm, there was progress on her boulevard space as we saw corn stalks, squash and other plants and vegetables has sprouted.




While the workshop centred on wire sculptures, the theme for the workshop was ocean creatures. It was a chance for individuals of all ages to express their creativity. I chose to do a penguin for my wire sculpture; however when I actually put the idea in practice, the final product didn’t quite look like a penguin. Other people managed to execute more elaborate sculptures like a 3d salmon, mermaid, and even a pirate ship.




When we were all finally done with our masterpieces, they were all put onto Colleen’s garden in order to populate her boulevard garden in order to achieve that ocean theme. A quick update to our readers on our next meetup will be on Saturday September 12th .



By Kenta M at 6:00pm


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