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POSTED ON MAY 22, 2015 

Sacred Geometry, and the Harmonies of our Once and Future World dodecahdron hanging


May 29th, 2015


Nature is composed of beautiful harmonies of proportion. The forms of flowers, honeycombs, seashells, and spiraling sunflowers speak of this. Artist Ari Lazer has devoted his practice to the exploration of the natural forms of the world – using the traditional tools of the geometer – the straightedge and the compass to create artworks that mirror the essential creative processes of nature. Ari’s fascination is in the meeting of the wisdom of art, and the knowledge of science.


Join us on this evening as Ari shares with us the fundamental principles of sacred geometry, and how those ideas have inspired him as a visual artist – to create interactive geometric spaces, wooden works etched with the rays of the sun, and complex lanterns designed by hand, but cut with laser beams.


Ari will be sharing his latest body of work as it is emerging, and give us each some rich morsels by which to understand the world around us a little more deeply. Ari Lazer is an artist, educator and healer, based in Vancouver. He is the former Artistic Producer of the Illuminares Lantern Festival and the Parade of Lost Souls, and has presented work in conjunction with the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Chicago Cultural Centre, the Vancouver International Folk Festival, the City of Richmond, and many others.

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