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Multiliteracies Study Group

"See One, Do One, Teach One"

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  • Online Session

Service Description

Multiliteracies is a pedagogical approach and theoretical framework, originally developed by the New London Group (1996), that embraces cultural and linguistic plurality, technology, and multimodalities (combining modes such as visual, audio, gestural, and spatial, to convey meaning). ​ What are multiliteracies? What does it have to do with intergenerational learning? Why should seniors be concerned about it? Where to start? Learning new things and sharing your learning becomes especially important in the senior years and may be closely linked with one’s identities. Let us explore, as a group, why developing multiliteracies is so important as we age. Group study provides opportunities to talk through ideas with and teach others and, consequently, better master the material oneself. We are inviting community members for our Multiliteracies Study Group, in response to the information age when meaning arises in increasingly multimodal ways, ranging across the visual, oral, corporeal, musical, and spatial. Starting on Monday, April 26, 1pm - 2pm (PST), this study group will meet, via Zoom, once each week during the next three months (May, June, July) in order to complete the group co-creating process. The art residency team will collaborate to submit presentations and group activities that are representative of Project Terakoya. The role of the community members is to support the reflection and learning of the art residency team and offer their reflections on the collective work submitted by teams. As we learn to get better at this, we will also be generating a storehouse of collective knowledge and memories.

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