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August 4, 2015

Well, as summer season winds down in early August, here I am sitting in my room at 12:32am on Monday morning. I gazed around the room before stopping at the remaining flyers left on my desk. This made me reflect on how much has changed since the start of summer. Just few months ago, I was totally clueless about weaving, or anything remotely related to hands-on work for that matters. The thought of me knowing the ins and outs on weaving was a lifetime away… You’ll have to trust me on this. 


Yet, the next time I come back from our weaving workshop, I’ll be carrying back one of my very own loom! Needless to say, I can’t imagine the fun I’ll have, plastering my creative piece with nonsensical designs. Wait, no, scratch that. What I mean to say is that everyone will be so impressed with the abstract and avant-garde designs I’ll whip up, of course! *ahem*


Regardless, I’m glad to say we’re making some really wonderful progress, now that everyone is on the same page from our last meeting—which allowed us to put some structure to our thoughts. It was one of the best sessions ever, with people getting the chance to weave alongside an expert weaver, one and only Debra Sparrow. She did an awesome job leading everyone—so even the most clueless person (me) can understand what was going on! 


You can’t imagine how much fun we had. Amazing teamwork guys, felt so good to see how much work we got done-between the jokes and commentary. Really looking forward to the next meet-up! Without giving away a lot, I’ll leave you guys with a few pictures of some inspirational pieces that were brought in! If you’re dying to see our work, please come see and experience all the glory of our work in-person. ☺︎ 


By Amy C at 6:39am


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