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The long-awaited recap is here!

June 9, 2015

As usual, let’s get on with our bi-weekly recap! First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for doing their homework and getting our discussion rolling. We’ve heard some really awesome ideas where we’re considering of incorporating themes of nature onto the blanket—particularly inspired by a piece of birch bark that Robin so generously brought in (thank you!). This idea helped gave impetus to our discussion as we explored the idea of weaving our cultural ideas and conversations together. And so, Debra suggested the possibility of softening the ligneous fibers into a much more malleable material to work with.

We also talked about possibly deconstructing some of our cultural fabrics/scarfs and somehow weaving them onto our blanket by using them as our threads! Or even the prospect of using their colours as our basis of design and as patterns for appliqué features. 

Another exciting addition is the talk of bringing in a dye expert, Debra’s sister, to explore the different ways of dying our threads: with stinging nettles, tea bags, or even onion skins! Imagine that, don’t you learn something every day!

We are also thinking of going down to the Musqueam neighbourhood, sometime in the near future, to really soak up any other drops of inspirations we can find! So please come along and let us know if you’re interested in joining us on our little excursion! As always, everyone is invited and welcomed. 

Listening to the variety of ideas and methods in approaching weaving our community blanket, it really has reminded me of its similarity to our project at large. In the way, we are engaging with our intergenerational gaps, whether it is through weaving, filming, or placemaking. These are just some really awesome ideas, but the methods and possibilities are infinite—just like how we’re able to come up with so many different ideas of weaving in such a short time!

Without a doubt, I’m sure it also doesn’t hurt to have such a wonderful group of people, but nonetheless, let’s keep this momentum up guys!

PS. We finally got started on weaving our blanket! Though it doesn't look like much as of now, I'm sure in a couple of weeks, it's going to be magical! So be sure to stay tune!

Until then, see you all next time!☺




By Amy C at 12:30pm


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