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Update #1

May 13, 2015

Initial Goals

Last Saturday on 9th of May, the Place Making team met up for the first time with the task of surveying potential properties around various locations in Vancouver. Through these available locations, the Placemaking team aims to provide aesthetically appealing spaces for members of the community to congregate through the means of permaculture.



The Placemaking team is faced with an interesting challenge of considering the particularistic characteristics of each site as certain types of plants have specific requirements to flourish. Thus, the unique design of each site would require us to optimize the space by selecting suitable types of plants. In a way the Placemaking team is in charge of realizing the potential of each site in order to provide an attractive space that residents would proudly claim as part of their neighborhood. 


Planning Process



After surveying each site we went back to Keiko’s place to brainstorm some ideas and direction for the Placemaking project. Ambitious ideas were tossed around in discussion, from installing solar powered charging station for smart devices to edible flowers. Another thing we considered was a slogan for the Placemaking sites as a smart slogan would effectively stimulate discussion among residents and nurture social connections in the process. Possible slogans for the sites include “Plant your Dreams”, “Areas of Relaxation” (ART) and “Weave your Dreams”.



Considerations have to be made on the types of plants we would decide grow in order to optimize the space for each site. For instance whether the plant grows perennially or annually, and would we have more flowers or vegetables. As a result the aesthetics and functionality of the plants have to be suitable for the space.



For the time being the Placemaking team has received confirmation from 3 of the 6 potential sites and the other 3 remaining sites have yet to be confirmed by their respective owners. Therefore, for our second meeting on the 23rd of May the Placemaking team will begin working on the sites.





By Kenta M at 11:05pm


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