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Update #2

May 28, 2015

On Saturday March the 23rd, the Placemaking team met again for the second time and we have confirmed 3 sites:


1)   Oliver’s Boulavard 

2)  Keiko’s Garden 

3)  Robin’s Boulevard 


Before surveying the sites, the Placemaking team gathered together for lunch in order to brainstorm ideas that could be included, either for all the sites or for a specific one. Ideas were tossed around such as having a tire swing and informative animal shaped signs (I was thinking of cat shaped signs, but then remembered our budget is not exactly cat-friendly). Eventually we reached a mutual consensus that the Placemaking group should allocate in a more specialised manner, certain individuals would dedicate themselves to specific sites in order give each site the necessary attention required.   We would later visit Oliver’s Garden to survey the site and consider possible aesthetic approaches for Oliver’s space.  Ideas such as using plate bits to create mosaic patterns and a Zen theme were considered for Oliver’s Garden.


At the same time our collective brainstorming and discussion has directed us to consider specific themes for each site. For instance for Robin’s Garden we were thinking of including indigenous plants and certain types of rocks with cultural significance or even use regular rocks to create patterned designs(perhaps a cat?) with the help of Ari.  On the other hand for Keiko’s Garden we were thinking of using murals in order to tell a story, similar panels in a comic. At Oliver’s Garden the focus would be on accommodating pollinators such as bees and monarch butterflies.


Our next session takes place on Sunday March 31st for a self-guided tour around the Dunbar area. Hopefully this opportunity would allow us to appreciate the scenic gardens and possibly provide with further inspiration. 


By Kenta M at 9:15pm


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