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Update #3

June 1, 2015

For our latest meet-up on the 31st of May, the Placemaking Team headed to Dunbar area for the Dunbar in Bloom Garden Tour, which is held in May twice a year.  The Dunbar garden tour came up in our agenda quite spontaneously as we heard about it midway through the week from Gabriel.



Although the visit to the Dunbar in Bloom Garden Tour may seem like a tangent, it was a fruitful opportunity for the Placemaking team because these garden sites are only opened twice a year, thus these gardens would not normally accessible to the public. After all if we went into anyone’s garden uninvited it would not only be awkward, but also kind of be considered as trespassing.



Public access to these gardens gave us an opportunity to also to speak to the owners of the gardens and approach them for a recorded interview. The purpose of these interviews is to showcase not only the gardens within the Vancouver area, but also the people behind these gardens. Thus our goal is to conduct as many interviews as possible and to highlight the sites and their makers by compiling a montage.




It is also worth mentioning that another site has been confirmed for the Placemaking team, thank you Ann Spacey for offering your garden to our project. Stay tuned for future blogposts as we begin work on two Boulevards this week and visit Ann’s site this Saturday. 



By Kenta M at 8:49pm


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