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Update #4

June 10, 2015

Saturday May the 6th


Our Placemaking team meetup this week went differently from our other meet ups as began working on Oliver’s Garden. Although the work on Oliver’s Garden is not fully complete at the moment due to the time constraint, significant progress has been made as most of the materials are in place and all we need to do now is add the finishing touches to the garden.


 After working on Oliver’s site we met up with Ann at her garden to discuss the current characteristics and direction of her garden. Ann’s garden has irregular exposure to the sun, so we have to consider plants that are not reliant on the sun, thus have to be durable and driftwood would be a desired motif due to its availability.


 For next week, the Placemaking team will begin work on Ann’s garden and add the finishing touches to Oliver’s garden by adding more plants and installing a signage and some stepping stones. At the same time we have to finalise design for Robin’s garden for this week as work will begin on Robin’s garden on the following meetup, on June 20th. Don’t forget to check out the photos of Oliver and Ann’s garden at   


Update of our sites:


1) Paulina/Oliver pollinator garden - near completion


2) Robin’s Rock Art Garden - designing stage  


3) Ann’s permaculture and Art garden - Work-in-Progress


4) Colleen’s wire sculpture art garden - to-be-announced


5) Keiko’s mosaic garden - designing stage


6) Joann’s garden art - to-be-announced 


By Kenta M at 3:55pm


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