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Update #5

June 15, 2015


June 13th



 After surveying and discussing on the Placemaking team began helping out with Ann’s garden around 10am in order to avoid the afternoon heat. The week before our meetup we gathered the materials needed to furnish the garden such as rocks and driftwood. On the meetup we focused on setting up the flower beds, our first task was to remove unwanted grass on the property with a hoe in order to have a firm foundation for the flowers. Therefore layers of grass was removed, mulch would serve as the foundation of these flower beds and in order to accomplish this task we had to first arrange the rocks we collected from the previous week. With the rocks we arranged a wavy pattern that would also serve as a decorative container for the plants.



Work continued on Ann’s garden until 12 as we headed to Paulina and Oliver’s garden, when we arrived at the garden, it looked different compared to last week as Paulina had added more plants to the garden. With permission from Paulina and Oliver we had hung a sign, promoting the idea of placemaking onto a tree next to the garden in order to promote awareness on the benefits of placemaking. Afterwards we went for lunch and discussed plans for our following meet up. 



By Kenta M at 2:35pm


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