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Update #6

July 6, 2015

June 27th



 Work commenced on Robin’s garden. Stylistically, Robin’s garden would incorporate rocks arrangements that would result an image of either a frog or turtle, as these animals have a special significance to its owner.  As we began collecting rocks around the area there was a garage sale going on next door, as we worked on the site the kids from the neighbouring house looked at us with a certain kind of curiosity, the kind that said “why were these adults playing with rocks ?” Eventually one of the kids started helping us out by collecting rocks and helped us placement of rocks in the garden.



Afterwards we headed to Ann’s place to further furnish the garden. This time we were tasked with making structural supports for the recently installed vegetables.  In order to do so we had to saw off wood and nail them together in order to create the necessary supports. Afterwards we added paint to the structures in order to enhance the aesthetic to the structure and to compliment the rest of the garden. For our next meetup we plan on visiting Southland Farms for inspiration and for a chance to conduct on the fly interviews.  



By Kenta M at 2:36pm


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