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Your Dearest Recap!

July 6, 2015

Announcement incoming, *Ahem*! If I could just have everyone’s attention for a minute, I have something I would like to say. 


In light of the recent workshop, I am extremely delighted to announce that you are now looking at a new group of weaving prodigies! I mean, if you look at the pictures posted in our albums, you can already see how the exemplary stitches beauteously intertwine into three golden butterflies—fluttering across an azure sky! And if you can’t, then shame on you. How can you not is the question?


Ok, ok, I’m just kidding! Maybe in the making is more appropriate to say. But all jokes aside, I am happy to say that we were a very, very productive bunch during our last meeting. Promise, no exaggerations this time!


Not only did everyone have had a chance to weave, but everybody also weaved a whole row by themselves—yes, an entire row. And so I have to say, it really was quite a feat! Ok, but of course, not without Debra’s constant guidance and patience. Nonetheless, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that we’re definitely walking on the path to mastery. One day, I swear, just you wait and see!


On another note, we also had a new face in the workshop: Barbara. Sadly, we had Barbara for only a brief amount of time, but it is always refreshing to have a new person around, beaming with curiosity, and to liven things up. Thanks Barbara! And don’t worry, you’re in an excellent place—I’m totally not speaking with bias (well, not completely anyways)!


For those who want to become equally proficient and accomplished, please don’t hesitate in joining us for our next workshop! No need to be shy, we’re an extremely friendly brunch. ☺


Until next time guys!


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