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Your Good 'ol Recap!

June 22, 2015

Yes—it’s that time again people!


Unfortunately, a handful of people weren’t able to make it to our meeting. But, to describe this week’s meet-up would simply be short and sweet.


I’m very happy to announce that we have a new addition to our group! We were very fortunate in being introduced to a new member, Lilia, who has been very passionate in getting to know her community! It’s always lovely to have someone who is more than ready to share her stories and experiences with us. We had a great tête-à-tête—disclosing our inner monologues in regard to the project at large.


In addition, for our next meeting (TBA), we will be drawing up a design for our blanket! So please come with crystallized ideas of some sort, as to what you would like to share about yourself and to embroider onto the blanket!


Other than that, we also talked about possible ‘pop-up’ sessions, where we would bring our looms out-of-doors to arouse curiosity and spark impromptu conversations with inquisitive passersby! We still have a great deal to do before we are ready to begin our pop-up sessions, but on a positive note—we are looking forward to seeing you all take notice of our (impending) prodigious techniques!  


On that note, please stay tune for our future updates!


Till next time! ☺

By Amy C at 3:04pm


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