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About FLAP

What is this program?

We aim to inspire social change through art by unlocking the immense capacity for social artistry that is often left undeveloped in youth. Through an exploration of the power of arts, we invite you to join us in our ground-breaking FLAP program. Now more than ever, we need a cross-disciplinary approach to problem solving. We want to empower youth to activate their agency and become agents of change, using arts as a challenge to social narratives and work collaboratively as a community.

Throughout this Program, You Will:

  • Meet and create a community of like-minded peers

  • Learn about what being a social artist means

  • Develop your art thinking skills

  • Become more aware of different social issues and perspectives through the lens of art and the current COVID-19 pandemic

  • Engage in co-creation as a practice of contemporary art and transdisciplinary learning  

How does it work?

FLAP is a two-week long virtual camp for youth ages 15-18 looking to discover and realize their potential in social justice and the arts. We are hosting a series of art-based workshops, lessons, and open discussions designed to embrace the power and possibilities of youth community leadership through social artistry. Leave the camp with your art showcased in a virtual show and with a meaningful contribution to our youth magazine!

Explore our three unique learning streams [list here], and meet the artists that lead them! Through games, learning, and co-creating, you will gain new insights into the world of arts, as well as a community that will stick with you long after the program is over. FLAP will help you see how art can be used for social change in areas like social justice and public health. You will connect more closely to your community through inspecting the different ways you and the people around you have been changed during this time.

What’s the goal?  

Enjoyment, Empowerment, Enlightenment. In FLAP, you will become more aware of the different perspectives and experiences that make up current issues and gain the tools to create art-based solutions for them. We are a team who are passionate about bringing arts to the forefront of enacting social change, where its incredible impact is often ignored. By engaging current high-schoolers, we hope to inspire you to take on future challenges, and make your difference in the world.

Why should I apply? 

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of social artistry in creating resilient and connected communities.

  • Gain self-knowledge, self-confidence and a powerful sense of agency in a safe, fun space.

  • Connect with a community of like-minded peers and professional artists— you will support each other throughout your artistic journeys, and beyond!

  • Recognize the importance of art and how it shapes all aspects of our lives.

  • Apply the skills learned in this course to your daily lives and community for social change!

  • Grow and challenge your artistic abilities (whether you think they exist or not)

  • Be a contributor to a VACS magazine issue, and have your creation showcased in a virtual gallery!

Interested In Joining FLAp, Or Still have Questions?

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