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2020 Online/LIVE Summer Fellowship 

Future Leaders Though Art Program (FLAP)

Mon, Aug 10 - Fri, Aug 21

What is this program?

We aim to inspire social change through art by unlocking the immense capacity for social artistry that is often left undeveloped in youth. Through an exploration of the power of arts , we invite you to join us in our ground-breaking Art Leadership program. Now more than ever, we need a cross-disciplinary approach to problem solving. We want to empower youth to activate their agency in order to challenge social narratives and work collaboratively as a community using art to solve real issues.

Who is a social artist? Are you one? 

A social artist is someone whose main goal through their art is to improve the world, and contribute to solving its problems. In contrast, a traditional artist's main goal is self-expression.Social artists are people who use creative skills to work with people or organizations in their community to affect change.

Social art is any artistic expression that aims at inspiring social impact and change. We need more visionaries, utopists, agents of change, with the ability to affect society by creating emotionally captivating experiences. A friendly reminder from Mr. Warhol about what constitutes as "art":

“Art is anything you can get away with.”

We welcome participants with a wide range of art skills — from nada to expert.

Course Choices


JOurnalism as Social Change

FLAP 101

Short Course Description


Design in Action

FLAP 201

Short Course Description


ReSilient Cities Through Placemaking

FLAP 202

Short Course Description

Interested In Joining This Program?

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